The World is Watching

The world is watching the war in Ukraine unfold graphically on our TV’s, Cellphones and tablets.

The world is watching the homeless loose all their possessions over YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in LA. City workers putting everything in the trash trucks saying “we’re only doing our job”. The city is cleaning up the homelessness out there more then once but, more devastating to watch it on InvisiblePeople.TV. A true and heart wrenching interview with the ones loosing their homes as the city makes way for opening day in the ballpark, the ballpark.

The world is watching Tennessee that just passed a bill, waiting on Governor Lee’s desk, that makes camping on state property a felony. A felony for trying to survive. There aren’t enough shelter beds for the estimated number of homeless in Nashville. The city wants to attract a super bowl so they’ll need a bigger stadium costing billions.

The world is watching the US give billions to Ukraine yet they allow their poorest and homeless to suffer the most.

No one is watching what the homeless have to do while they wait for someone to die in affordable housing so, they can be next on the waitlist. Most see the homeless as beggars, lazy, drunks and addicts. Most homeless have jobs, sometimes two but, rents are so high and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

No one sees the heart ripping anger I feel that more isn’t being done. A lot more action and a little less talking is what needs to be done. You’ve heard me say it hundreds of times, affordable housing ends homelessness.

One thought on “The World is Watching

  1. Thank you for your testimony in the face of indifference in our Culture. My wife and I are both disabled, were homeless 5 years before Housing in our area opened up. Even in our dire poverty still to date, we still help others as we can.
    I wish on this Easter that many who claim Christ as their Savior will rise to bring new life to the dark world around us. I’m sick to my gut, and shake sometimes, in anger at those who think poverty is the sole problem of the poor. We are the least of these, and we are standing up since no one else is.

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