I’ve been brave

So bringing Faith in from her morning ritual, I stopped and talked to a resident in the lobby, Ms. Connie, and asked her why residents hate me. She stated and I quote “it’s the way you carry yourself”. I actually had to look up the meaning of “carry yourself”. It obviously wasn’t the meaning I thought it was. It appears that my sarcastic personality is of great concern here. I really try hard not to say anything to anyone, unless asked something, except a Good Morning and a wave. I’m mostly a people watcher in an introvert kind of way but, mostly stay by myself. To have the problems I’ve had here because I have a sarcastic type personality is no reason to hurl death threats, intimidation and bullying at someone is just ridiculous. However she’s giving me insight on an issue I can control. I’m just like my mom, if someone says something really stupid the only response is something equally stupid aka sarcasm.

Here it is in a nut shell: why do I have to accept you for the way you are but, you can’t accept me for the way I am? When I was homeless we all accepted each other for who we were, we didn’t judge, we just were. Coming into a community that’s the opposite of what was for many years is hard. There appears to be a different set of rules in the housing community, rules I wasn’t notified of. I will be asking more residents about this and see what they have to contribute to this issue, just those who haven’t stolen from me, threatened me, bullied or intimidated me.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been brave

  1. Hi Vicky,You are brave. That’s a good thing. You also have a roof over your head and I feel you’re safer than if you were out here in the wild , sorta speak.  People are good, bad , mean, kind, helpful, jerks, idiots, sometimes even insightful anywhere you go or even live. In someways it’s really an easy answer on how to fix this whacked out world we live in.  “Love thy God with all thy heart soul and mind, and also to love thy neighbor as they self.”

    However, this world is getting a little more like Sodom and Gomorra every day!  It’s getting harder to show love to thy neighbor, ( they might take advantage of us) hey, you’re s PK kid you should have all this figured out?!! 😉  I always read your blogs. K

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